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High return on Investments
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High return on Investments has taken a new definition with the introduction of era of computer and internet. There are several concepts to define high return. Fairly common is the return which over 5% of the total investment monthly. It’s a fact that high returns are often associated with high risk potential.
In present day we come across several investment programs those offer substantial high returns. Sometimes this seems to be unbelievable when some scheme proposes 200% growth in a year with the return of the capital. This sounds unusual as well as scams.  This is a debatable topic when we talk about such investments as scams. If it would have been another way to still your money, the Government would have taken appropriate measures to check the development of such organizations.
Such programs with high return on investment are never suitable as an alternative to earn an income. They are extremely fragile and unpredictable in nature. Many people can do so to make money out of these and sometimes this is a huge amount of money. Still you should not be exited to start rushing to be in the same with your car on mortgage.
Is also a fact that every single disclaimer on a high return on investment program says exactly same thing. It is with the risk of losing money. So you should never ever invest more than you can stand to lose. Because every such program will ultimately collapse and those having their money invested will lose their investments.
High return on investments is probably something to be avoided always. Though all this is your individual choice. It is like loosing money in the stock market. Still it is truce that such programs are investments even if they appear like scams. And you take the risk of losing whole of your money. Remember the basic principle of any investment- “The higher the return the more likely you are to lose your worth of money”.

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